Azaria Chamberlain was not the only baby stolen by a dingo, I was as well but instead of being killed I was raised as one of their own.

Many years had passed and I was discovered by a group of bush walkers as naked as the day I was born and as wild as any animal you will find. Being taken in by a couple from the bush walking group, that had discovered me. I was a handful in the beginning and still had the urge to run wild with the pack.

After many years and some of the finest finishing schools money can buy, I was ready for the great world, so I hit the road to run wild with a different kind of beast. On the road I made a stop in a place called Edinburgh (Scotland), this is where my path crossed with some really cool people. (James, Max, and the rest of the crew at Bizarre Ink) this is the place I was to call home for a while and also the place I would learn the trade!

As it does time goes by................. and I was soon ready to hit the road again, my journey would bring me back down under and find me testing the waters in a few different places. (Even back to my old stomping ground of Canberra) Some time had passed before I met the pack at ISA and I have been running wild with the pack here every since.


sammyGrowing up on the shores of Wollongong, New South Wales, dwelling in the Royal National Park's vast surrounding bushland.  I moved up to the massive city of Sydney in the past few years to continue doing what I love, Body Piercing.

As a young teenager my love of Body Modification developed, experiencing many piercings of different kinds. I love the ritual that is the body piercing experience and process of offering only the safest body piercing available.  I began my journey working under a company where they had named me one of their top body piercers in 2013-2015 In 2015 I decided to venture for the first time out of Australia to Las Vegas to attend the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference by myself. I hope to attend many more in the upcoming years!

I now find myself continuing my body modification journey with the lovely fellows here at ISA, working with incredible body jewellery we only dream of! I'm ever continuing my search for more and more innovative information in our industry to bring only the best techniques we have to offer to you!


DuncanI have been involved in Body Modification in Sydney for quite a while now, I established Polymorph Body Piercing in 1992 (Sydney's first piercing Studio which I sold March 2005) and worked actively as a body piercer from 1992 -2000.

We purpose built this shop in 2001 to have a street shop with a upscale feel welcoming all comers, my background in manufacturing body jewellery has schooled me to only stock the highest quality jewellery with optimum finishing, we the added King St Tattoo in 2011.

My staff are some of the most innovative artists in Australia and we are constantly working to keep ahead of changes in the industry anticipating our customers needs in everything from jewellery selection to safety.

I have travelled annually to Las Vegas every year from 1999-2015 to attend the APP (Association Of Professional Piercers ) yearly conference and have been a guest speaker for seminars and worked at the Convention Expo.

I also like to travel (esp SE Asia /Japan / USA), collect tattoos (though am fast running out of space), try and improve my fitness, eat in Chinatown, make juice, ride motorcycles and hang out with my friends and family and I usually find there is not near enough hours in the day.