Fine Line Branding is a new innovation in branding using the latest equipment, enabling us more design creativity.

Branding has been attempted in many ways over time, more recently with a multi-strike technique.

At ISA , having researched the development of a pen like instrument that heats intensely, we can place more complex imagery than ever before and also achieve curved and circular designs. Caucasian skin does not scar easily, generally the darker the pigmentation of the skin, the darker the scar, so if you already have scars it can be a guidance to how you will scar.

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Remember people scar differently, so whether a persons scar raises, indents, goes white or pink or dark is really up to the individual.

All equipment is either autoclave sterilised or gamma ray sterilised and people need to be very careful with the healing of a brand, quite often a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics can be beneficial to the healing.

Brands are priced according to detail and size, it is often best to come to ISA for a consultation and bring your design ideas, we can then work something unique for you, generally simple linear shapes work best.

Branding Branding Branding Branding Branding