Hey I’m Danae !

I have been in this wonderful industry since 2016 and actively piercing since then ! Body art and modification has always been a massive passion of mine from a young age, never to think I would be working in such high end shops !

I see the human body as a canvas, and I love adorning every single part possible. Whether it be a beautiful curated gold ear or face, a single statement piece, big gauge jewellery or more intimate personal piercings, I LOVE THEM ALL.

Through learning the human anatomy and exploring different techniques, I am able to create a moment in time and something personalised to suit that individual. Each day comes with a new idea or challenge and it forever excites me.

I am very privileged to be surrounded by an amazing team of piercers and counter staff, with excellence being our same goal. You can find me mostly at Broadway Tattoo and Body Piercing, and every Wednesday at Industrial Strength.

At present I work mostly at Broadway Tattoo and every Wednesday at Industrial Strength
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